ATX Power Supply 800W Akyga AK-U4-800 P4+4 PCI-E 6 pin 6+2 pin 6x SATA APFC 80+ bronze FAN 12cm

  • Product typeComputer power supply
  • FormatATX 2.31
  • SeriesUltimate
  • Supply voltage200-240 V
  • Power consumption< 5 A
  • Efficiency> 80 %
  • 80 PLUS compatibilityYes
  • 80 PLUS certificateBronze
  • Current on the +3.3V rail13 A
  • Current on the +5V rail 13 A
  • Maximum load on +3.3V and +5V line105 W
  • Current on the +12V rail28 A
  • Maximum load on 12V line679 W
  • Maximum power800 W
  • Mainboard Power Connector24-pin
  • Power connector ATX12V P4None
  • Power connector EPS12V 8 pin 1 pc ( 4 + 4-pin )
  • Power connector PCI-E 6 pin 1 pc
  • Power connector PCI-E 6+2 pin 1 pc
  • Power connector PCI-E 8 pin None
  • Molex connector2 pcs
  • Mini-Molex connector1 pc
  • SATA connector6 pcs
  • Modular power supplyNo
  • PFC filterActive
  • Mechanical switchYes
  • Ground wireYes
  • OVPYes
  • OCPYes
  • OPPYes
  • OTPYes
  • SCP Yes
  • UVPYes
  • Power supply connectorIEC C14
  • Fan size120 mm
  • Fan adjustmentsAutomatic
  • Cable length45 - 75 cm
  • The cable plug #1Hybrid standard C/E/F ( CEE 7/7 )
  • The cable plug #2IEC C13
  • Power cable included Yes
  • MaterialGalvanized steel
  • Product colorBlack
  • MTBF100000 h
  • Temperature5 - 50 °C
  • PackageEcoBox
  • Product size (L x W x H)140 x 150 x 85 mm
  • Package size (L x W x H)222 x 155 x 95 mm
  • CE compatibilityYes
  • FCC compatibilityNo
  • RoHS compatibilityYes
  • REACH compatibilityYes
  • Included accesoriesCable IEC C13 1 m
  • EAN code5901720136381
  • Warranty36 months

The Akyga AK-U4-800 power supply is a stable and, most importantly, reliable power source. These features are especially important for anyone who relies on their computer equipment. Regardless of whether it is used for work or study. What's more, the power supply is also characterised by high efficiency and energy saving, which are increasingly important nowadays. This is proven by the 80 PLUS Bronze certification, which shows that the efficiency of the power supply reaches up to 88%.   

The power supply meets the requirements of advanced PC systems. More complex configurations need a strong +12 V line, which is why this model features up to two powerful +12 V lines. Each of these is able to deliver a current capacity of 28 A. Thus, the connected components, such as CPU or graphics cards, have a guaranteed a high level of power stability. Furthermore, the PSU is equipped with two PCI-E connectors, which can also handle graphics cards in a multi-GPU system. This is extremely useful when you want to bulid a PC unit for graphics work or gaming. Another advantage of the power supply is the quiet fan on hydraulic bearings, which adjusts its speed as required and thus ensures adequate cooling. This not only ensures the proper operation of the components, but also the reliability of the PSU.  

The Ultimate PSU series is equipped with long cables, which simplify the installation especially inside large ATX cases. What's more, they come with a large set of connectors which allows to power multiple components and memory. Apart from the previously mentioned PCI-E 6-pin and 6+2-pin connectors, this model comes with 2 MOLEX connectors, 6 SATA connectors, 1 mini-MOLEX and EPS12V 4+4-pin connector each as well as a universal 24-pin motherboard connector.   

The AK-U4-800 power supply is an extremely safe device. Thanks to such protections as:  

  • OCP (overcurrent protection),   
  • OVP (over-voltage protection),  
  • UVP (under-voltage protection),  
  • SCP (short circuit protection),  
  • OTP (temperature protection),  
  • OPP (overload protection). 

You can be sure that your desktop computer is safe and used components are properly protected. At the same time, their operation will run without any undesired disturbances or hindrances.  

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