Surge protector Akyga AK-SP-05B 5 socket CEE7/5 switch CEE 7/7 3m used

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  • Product code AK-SP-05B
  • Product typePower Strip
  • SeriesSurge protector
  • Mechanical switchYes
  • Ground wireYes
  • Cable length3.0 m
  • Anti-interference protectionYes
  • RFI filterTo 10 dB
  • Maximum energy absorption150 J
  • Fuse10 A / 250 V
  • Response time25 ns
  • Maximum impulsive power4500 A
  • Maximum energy load2500 W
  • Socket typeFrench plug (pin) CEE 7/5
  • Number of sockets5
  • Security slot line RJ-45None
  • MaterialABS
  • Product colorBlack
  • DisplayNone
  • Temperature5 - 50 °C
  • PackageEcoBox
  • Product size (L x W x H)300 x 92 x 48 mm
  • Package size (L x W x H)370 x 100 x 60 mm
  • Net weight465 g
  • Gross weight505 g
  • CE compatibilityYes
  • FCC compatibilityNo
  • RoHS compatibilityYes
  • REACH compatibilityYes
  • EAN code5901720130174
  • Warranty3 months

Sale — the product is brand new, has damaged packaging. The surge protector has a 3-month warranty.

Akyga® AK-SP-05B High-quality surge protector with 25ns response time, designed to protect electronic devices against basic power problems, especially in case of voltage jumps.

Problems with current can occur at the least expected moment and can result in loss of unsaved work sessions, loss of important data, and, in the worst case scenario, permanent hardware damage. For this reason, even with a sufficient number of sockets, it is a good idea to equip your assortment with a decent anti-overvoltage stripe that protects your PC and other devices such as TV, stereo or audio-video equipment. Thanks to five CEE 7/5 French-type sockets, the AK-SP-05B protects against damage, high frequency noise, short circuits and overloads of up to five devices simultaneously with a maximum load of 2500W. The maximum pulse current is 4500A. The strip has a manual switch that allows to cut off the power without disconnecting the cord from the mains. Additionally, it is equipped with a 10A / 250V automatic fuse.

The 3m long cable is useful in case of restricted access to the power source.

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